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INTER ALTER is a short film I created and directed in my final year at university. Shot with Hal Robertson as DOP and Gabe Robertson behind the camera. I sourced vintage props created a variety of 3D elements, and finally edited and composited the footage together with music by Tom Chan. 

Mars // Mercury//Venus is a short film I made in my second year at university and represents my first attempt to animate in 3D as well as my introduction to After Effects. I edited early Apollo photos of earth and composited them with 3D models and some basic 2D animation of my digital painting using photoshop Cinema 4D After Effects and Marvellous Designer. 

This collection of editorial technobabble is themed around Tesseract's, an excuse to play with tech visuals in a printed context. I wanted to be able to make scientific editorial illustration quickly. I used a mixture of photography collage and Illustrator for this project.


I created the posters for two of the AUB 2017 Grad films. JIMMY and MAHOGANY. 

Cassini is a personal Project using Cinema 4D, Photoshop and Illustrator. This older personal project was a way to teach myself 3D. Cassini's voyage from earth to Saturn has been an odyssey of discovery which is only now coming to a close.

Technobabble UI style frames created in photoshop and Illustrator with the intention giving a 3D effect. The goal is to make these in 3D so they can be more easily composited with live footage.

UI created in illustrator and Photoshop.